Game of Thrones and the books?

It has been a week since the finale of Game of thrones premiered and ever since I have just been thinking of the next season, along with of the directions the show will go, among other things.  I have only watched the show and not the books, and started watching it 2 years ago, but I have to say it is the most addicting show, that I have ever watched and I have binged a lot of great television.  So, on to what i was planning to discuss, is whether or not someone who only watches television in the form of binge watching and is not someone who consumes many books in a year, is if reading the books are something that is truely worth it, for a show fanatic?  I really love this show and I believe I am going to give the shows a shot soon, but then my next dilemma is whether reading the books will ruin the show for me?  I don’t know if the books will do it for me, but I am curious to hear what all of you have to say.  Also if there are some shows out, that are reminiscent to Game of Thrones, please let me know. Hodor


Problematic Pittsburgh Pirates

The 29-32 Pirates have played a fairly underwhelming two plus months and the blame needs to be put on the front office lack of acquiring necessary assets.  The 2013 Pirates brought newfound energy and hope to Pittsburgh all for the organization to play a mean game with the fans, and not spend money on the team.  This 2014 team was never a true playoff contender and that is what creates the frustration amongst the fan base.  This team should have made some moves over the offseason ex. Loney, any big league pitcher, in order to give the fan base what they deserve.

The next factor that has created controversy with Pittsburgh fans is the stubborn lack of action in order to call Polanco up to the majors.  If this organization had no plans to call up Polanco, then they should not have been so greedy when it came to signing free agents.  I know the sell outs this past season did not bring in the kind of revenue that many talk about, but the Pirates are also not a team that needed to go belly up in order to contend this year either.  This division in 2014 so far is not a division the Pirates are already out, even though they are seven out of the lead, but this team has shown in the past few weeks that they are that resilient team of 2013.  The Pirates may have lost Burnett, byrd, and Morneau, and others, but with the inevitable addition of Polanco and the hopeful addition of a pitcher and shortstop at the deadline, hopefully will be enough for this team to regain contention in time for the playoffs.

In the end, if this team can get into contention by the deadline, I truly believe, that this team can do what is necessary for a playoff run.

Nintendo Time: Nintendo struggles

I’d like to spend a few moments, discussing the news surround Nintendo lately and my opinion of what may happen to change its course. First of Nintendo is one of my favorite companies and really want to see it succeed, but it’s going to have to change and know Nintendo they can. nintendo has been around for a long time and it’s going to take a lot to kick Nintendo to the curb. Nintendo has a lot of issues but they have a lot of great unique games coming out this year for the Wii U and the 3DS. The 3DS is on pass for another strong year and I feel that if Nintendo gets a little bit more innovated that it can turn the tide and show the gaming world that Nintendo can be a great compliment to the PS4 and Xbox One. For more gaming advice stay tuned here!